Well, it Looks Like You’re Out of Water

Choose Yakima, Washington’s well pump repair experts

If you’re relying on a well as your primary source of water, you can’t afford to neglect regular maintenance. When your system fails, contact well pump service professionals in Yakima, WA. Castle Pump & Electric works efficiently to analyze problems and improve the performance of local wells. Schedule a free estimate from our experienced work crew by calling 509-961-9316 today.

Commercial irrigation repairs are our specialty

Does your Yakima business rely on well water? If so, you’ve probably appreciated the perks of having cold and refreshing water on tap. In addition to being free, well water is filtered naturally – meaning you don’t have to worry about the hazardous chemicals that appear in city water. Keep quality flowing and contact Castle Pump & Electric for commercial well pump repairs.

We also look out for Yakima, Washington area farmers. Our company is known for affordably fixing irrigation systems throughout the region. Castle Pump & Electric wants this year’s harvest to thrive, so request your free repair estimate from us today. We’ll check for damage, leaks and malfunctioning parts.

We’ll give your new light fixtures a jolt of energy

Castle Pump & Electric isn’t just a well pump repair business. Owners Rob and Ryan offer electrical installation services, too. Whether you’re a builder finishing up a new construction project or a homeowner in need of an electrician, you can call us at 509-961-9316 for:

  • Home rewiring – hang that antique chandelier and watch it shine
  • Service changes – minor electrical upgrades are right up our alley
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting – spruce up your patio or deck

Our Yakima, WA electrician services are available for commercial and residential property owners alike.